In 2014 in celebration of their 13th year 13 WINTERS became the first band ever to hold a world premier for a music video in a major theater. "Bring Back The Snakes" was the result of six grueling months of hard work, all this while Diana was pregnant with her third child. The production was done in co-op with the fledgling film company Claw4 Films and received high acclaim from both the public and local press. This was a major crowning achievement for 13 WINTERS and an all-time new highlight of their career.


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It would appear that out show next week will be our final performance. We made the final promis of a new album by today and sadly it is not going to happen. It would appear that Diana has decided to retire from music. Although she denies it when confronted about it, her actions say otherwise as she shows no interest in completing the album. Her vocals are all we are waiting on and it saddens us to think that all the hard work we put into it quite possibly sit on a shelf incomplete, never to be released. We want to thank all our fans for sticking with us all these years and we are sorry we never delivered. Maybe some day she will complete the vocals and the album will finally be finished but until that happens we are considering ourselves done. At least we can say we ended with a bang with Bring Back The Snakes. That accomplishment will always be with us.


We bnow have an official release date of 10/13/2015


We have a confirmed year. Month and day T.B.A.


We are included in the $40+ packages.
"You get everything on the $30 level plus an mp3 download of a song being written and performed by kickass death metal band 13 Winters about We Kill The Dead and a sketch of your choice of Joanna, Nathan, Cooper, or Jack the Ripper drawn and signed by artist Bryan Revell."


Happy Mothers Day to our own mother of three as she currently works on laying down brutal vocals to the new album. .... as soon as she recovers from her bout with laryngitis.


We've heard a rumor that we may be expanding into the comic book universe with a very hopeful project in the works by our very own John Lepper.


Update: After consulting a nurse and going on a harsh four day regiment of naproxen sodium, Roy's Achilles tendon is doing great and he's no longer walking with a limp. Luckily it was just tendinitis and not a tear.


Jake just wrapped up all the bass for the entire album.


Just over a week ago Roy injured his Achilles tendon and it still has not fully healed. This could be problematic for him in the long term. He's going to consult a doctor soon and see if there is anything that can be done. He's walking with a limp now and can't run normal, he has yet to see how this will effect his drumming.


We are sharpening our weapons and our path is clear. WINTER IS COMING... FOR YOU!


This Tuesday will mark the one year anniversary of our epic video Bring Back The Snakes. And to commemorate the occasion we will be posting the first ever teaser for our album. We are that close to completion.


Jake has begun laying down bass lines fast and furiously. Dave is 100% complete with all his work and is not assisting Jake in designing bass.


It's that time of year again. In just a couple weeks it will have been one year since we held our world premier. While it has been a long wait for us to get this album done, there has been much good in taking so long. Our writing style has changed and morphed multiple times since we began writing in 2009 and it wasn't until late 2013 that we finally found that spark we'd been searching for. That sound, elements and attitude that made us step back and say "That's it, right there!". We have a word we use between ourselves to describe this spark, "Authoric". To us it means "With authority", music that walks demanding all step aside and when it speaks it commands audience. Yes it sounds pretentious but that is what we aspire towards with every track.



Had yet another great day of work. Since last weekend the track The Purge was one we considered to be our weakest has completely transformed to quite possible our greatest. So much so that we've re-arranged the album to to make a better presentation. Dave is now officially done with all rhythm guitars and is now focused on co-writing with Roy for the first time on orchestrations on The Purge.


INCREDIBLE! We have accomplished a lot over the last month. Dave got all rythm guitars done! Now we have bass, the remaining vocals and orchestrations remaining. We went through a lot of stress and dispair. At many times we thought this was never going to happen and because of it these things have been put on hold while we waited for Dave. You can see clips of the progress we've had on our Youtube channel's playlist.



We've had a long discussion. Now that the holidays are over with we've sworn to buckle down and GET THIS ALBUM DONE BEFORE WINTER'S END!



It's been a long time since we checked up on our listing on Encyclopedia Metallum and an awesome discovery was a new review of Dark Palace Of Waterfalls... and what an awesome review. This definatly made our week.

Dark Palace Of Waterfalls - Review by Akerthorpe - Encyclopedia Metallum


It's with a heavy heart that we announce today that a friend and supporter of ours has past away. She was a show promoter, worked with children through a program called school of rock and was in a punk rock band. She was a highly respected person and will be greatly missed! But will never be forgotten, R.I.P. Anderson Mar.


All the photos from the premier have now been uploaded to Claw4 Film's facebook page.

Take a look and if you see yourself, be sure to tage yourself HERE


Last night was awesome. Thanks to all who participated! It was amazing to see a 175 capacity auditorium at least 1/3 full at 9PM on a Monday night. Considering that, if st. Patrick's day was on a Friday this year we would have had a line out the building.

The crowd was left speechless at the end of the video and it wasn't until the theater's radio-walkie on Roy (to communicate with the projector booth) went off did it snap the crowd out of their stuper and they explode in applause. What an awesome moment!

You can watch their reaction HERE


Arch Enemy's Angela Gassow hangs up her mic on the day of our new video's world premier. While she claims it's to "Pursue other interest" we here know better. Her announcement not only was made on the day of our world premier, it was one hour after our new single Bring Back the Snakes went live on iTunes. It's no secret that Diana's vocals have been viewed as a threat to Arch Enemies front woman (who joined their band the same year we formed in 2001) for a long time now. We first learned of this rivalry when we received a personalized letter from Angela in 2003 to "Set the record straight....". We should also ad that last week we sent our trailer to the staff at Century Media so we do not see much coincidence in the timing of these events. We wish Angela well in her new career of answering the band's phone..


Look who made the front page.


Let the media storm begin.


All filming for the video wrapped up last night.


Our fifth and final trailer is now live on Youtube as well as select theatres across New England. 13 WINTERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Catch Teaser Trailer #4 TONIGHT! 6PM EST on our youtube channel. 13 WINTERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Roy posing with his copy of Escape from Jesus Island on the set of "Bring Back The Snakes" This is the first ever rare look behind the scenes of the video as up till now the entire production has been top-secret.


Tune in right here this Friday 6PM EST to catch the "Bring Back The Snakes" Teaser Trailer #3. You will not be disappointed other than the fact you will be left wanting to see more, but that's the point of a teaser. The past teasers were more of an announcement. This one goes beyond that..


Teaser Trailer #2 has been posted to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Check it out.


We have booked the venue for the world premier of our video and what better place than the largest theatre in Maine, CINEMAGIC IN SACO on March 17th. There will be multiple screenings of the video as well as a meet-and-greet with the cast and crew all night. The event will begin at 9PM and will be free to all.


We have gotten word that actress Ruth Phelps has agreed to plauy a role in the Bring Back The Snakes video. The video is still currently being filmed but things are moving along nicely.


Happy New Year to all our fans. Expect a ton of big things from us in 2014.


The promoters for Cans For A Cause have decided it best to just drop any further plans for the show until next winter. Being a benefit they want to focus on the holiday season and the move also gives them a whole year to plan the event.


Due to impending weather and concern for our fans the Cans For A Cause show scheduled for tomorrow in Westbrook Maine has been postponed. The re-schedual date has not yet been decided but will be in the next couple months.


We just learned our tour date in February has been cancelled as the headliner got conflicting engagements. This makes our date this Saturday the 14th our final live performance until mid-2014 for Diana's last maturnity leave.



This is our Seeped Through shirt. For a mere $10 and just in time for the Holidays. We will be selling it all future shows but it will not be available on our website until after the shows this coming weekend.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Now that you have a belly full of tasty animals, vegetables and jellified fruits we are happy to announce that we have accepted the invitation to share a show with none other than Mushroomhead in Auburn Maine, February 15th. Tickets for this event will be on sale shortly.

We are also announcing that we have begun planning a CD listening party to take place shortly after the Bring Back The Snakes World premier. We will be unable to perform due to Diana’s pregnancy but we will have three bands providing entertainment and we want to set up everyone who attends with a free copy of the EP.

We remember thinking this time last year that we wanted to make 2013 the “Year of 13 Winters” given it was our 12th year if existence. We were getting worried that wasn’t going to happen but with this up rise of activity we’re just bursting forth, 2013 really will become the Years of 13 Winters.


We're excited to be sporting our new band photo. It's for the Born Of Vinland EP. For a very long time we were displaying the photo we intended for the full length album Burn The World, and we fully intend on still doing that album, we just want to knock out some of the smaller stuff first, get back in the drivers seat and get back into the public's eye. When we do accomplish that release we may either bring back those same photos and ad Jake to them or re-do them from scratch as they are over 3 years old now.

We just know we are going to be accused of ripping them off regardless. The song was written well over a year ago and the final components were recorded last September (See our older news posts) as well as the formation of Roy's visual concepts for the video. Construction of props for the video began the first week of October and all principle photography involving the band began on October 13th. Behemoth uploaded their first teaser trailer to Youtube November 6.


We have released the first teaser trailer for the Bring Back The Snakes video.




For those of you who've liked us on Facebook you have been privy to a barrage of behind the scenes photos from the making of our new video. For those of you who have yet to give us a like, head on over there and do it so you too can enjoy these rare clips into the life of the band.

Now that all footage of the band is done Dave is now free to return to recording the final two tracks to the EP. Today him and Roy set the band space back up and jammed around for an hour and wouldn't you know it, came up with an awesome basis for yet another track. They discussed it may possible be the title track to the future album Burn The World that we put on hold for the EP.

We have also begun work on the band pics to take the place of our now old "Burn The World" pics. Due to schedual issues we have been forced to photoshop us together as a group. We're just waiting for Jake to get the free time to get his photos done. Due to the use of natural lighting we have only a small window of time in a day the pic can be taken.



We are currently talking with venues to hold an actual world premier of the Bring Back The Snakes video. The actual date is not set but we will have it in March of 2014 as close to St Patrick's day if not on the day itself.


Roy hard at work editing the Bring Back The Snakes video at Dark Valley Studios, Sight & Sound

Like us on Facebook and share us with your friends. When this video drops trust us, you'll want everyone to see it too


Be sure to write in 13 Winters in the Metal catagory. We were nominated one year in the mid-90's. We have a feeling with the new EP and video we'll be nominated again next year. But let's let them know we're still alive and well with YOUR help.


This weekend marks the first day of filming for the video to Bring Back The Snakes. Due to the sheer grandeur of the set and amount of work that has been put into the scenery of the video we can't show much for production stills or behind the scenes photos because we do not want to spoil the impact this video will have. There is one photo taken by a one of the production crew we will publish when we get a copy of it from him. We will be filming this video over the coarse of the next month and more updates will follow.


Dave hold one of the banners specially printed for the Bring Back The Snakes music video.


Roy Adams sets up his drums to recording the final track of the Born Of Vinland EP. It's an all day project just to get everything setup. After this video there's still tuning and level checking to be done which takes about another 1 1/2 hours..



Diana has done her first ever professional professional modeling photos and she looks amazing. She has set up a deviantart gallery for them

Check out the gallery HERE


Dave was featured on the front page non other than Guitar World Magazine's website for his chainsaw guitar solo. Unfortunatly they didn't include any info about us or who he even is. We've been working to phase out this video and drive traffic to its relisting on our official channel to consolidate traffic, and this is why.

Check out the article HERE


Now That Roy owns a tablet we can see just how incompatible our website is with mobile devices. Roy will begin rebuilding our website so it will be compatible. First thing to go will be all flash content.



We have uploaded a Making-Of video taken by our friend Chris Moulaison of Roy tracking Diana's vocals to Bring Back The Snakes.



We are proud to announce Dave won an award and is featured on the Awkward Band And Musicians Photos page on Facebook. And the awesome part is his photo is the best.



We have uploaded a video of Bring Back The Snakes from the private show to our Youtube channel.



Yesterday's private show went fairly well. Photos have now been uploaded to our photos page.



We've received our first sales report for our single Dead Giveaway and the first download was from an Xbox live user.


It turns out the show on the 17th will still be a private show due to reasons beyond our control. We're bummed we can't invite our fans but we do plan on making the most of it reguardless


We just got word the private show we are playing on the 17th will now be open to the public. More details to come as we get them. What we do know is it will still be a free show(There will be a tip jar), food and most likely all ages.


Right now our CD's plus an autographed glossy is up for auction to benefit the Southern Maine Pagan Pride Day. Hop on over there a throw a bid down RIGHT NOW!



After almost ten years we finally have a new stage banner. It has our modern logo and is almost twice the size of the old one. The quality is far superior and you can't even tell that it's hand painted by Roy unless you're withing four feet of it. It took him a solid two days to make. We're also thinking of more banners to hand in front of our amps and really make our stage POP! It's just settling on what images to use.


Break out the party! Our video has just broken 40K plays on youtube.


Our deepest condolences go out to our brother in arms Mykal Distortion of Project 1313 for the tragic loss of his beautiful daughter. We pray that some day happiness will find its way to him once again and make the heavy burden of his grief a distant memory of a past life.


Our video "The Gift" has just won an award for "High quality, originality and production value" on Beat100.com. It also received a secondary award for "Well written original song".


Roy donated his hair to Locks Of Love today. It's his first haircut in ten years. Somewhere a child with cancer is going to get a wig that has its own legacy.


Time to fire up the old Twitter account and actually start using it. A link to us is now posted on our Links page. Follow us @13winters


Congrats to Jake and Carmen on their newly expected baby!


We are going to donate 50% of all profit we make off the Dead Giveaway single and video to the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. This is a good cause to help many who don't get the media attention this case had.


It's finally done, Our video and single Dead Giveaway. The song will be on iTunes very soon but the video is now live on our youtube channel.


Dave just completed the rythm guitars on the Dead Giveaway track.


Taking some time to spiff up our Youtube channel and take advantage of the new features. I see we can now have a chanel introduction video. Ad that to out to-do list for this week. If you're bored and looking for a link to click, why not hop on over there and subscribe?

Official 13 Winters Youtube Channel


We have begun emergancy work today on a cover of the viral song "Dead Giveaway" created as a mashup of the now famous Charles Ramsey interview last week.

We hope to have an entire song and video made from the production of the song by the end of this week. We've had this song stuck in our heads for days now and we are just driven to produce our own version of it.


Our elecrtonic distributor is now offering much higher bit rate downloads for our fans. This is great news because now fans are no longer bound by the low resolution 128-200kbps MP3s and can fully experiance our music the way we worked hard to produce it.

The audio formats offered by our distributor are:

MP3 -- MP3s using the standard preset of the lame encoder, yielding Variable Bit-rate MP3s with a target bit-rate of around 200kbps.

MP3-320 -- According to ISO standards, MP3-320 is the highest bit-rate MP3 file that audio decoders are required to produce (though some encoders can create MP3s up to 640 kbit/s).

FLAC -- FLAC files are "lossless" meaning they've been compressed without any loss of audio information. They're CD-quality!


Our hearts + thoughts are with you Boston. Worthless acts commited by cowardly scum who deserve to be run through with a steel blade on national telivision. Just when we thought New York was close enough, this was just a major city away. If you're in the area please donate blood.

It's been just over a year since we broke up. But like most musicians we just couldn't quit. It's like a bad habit. Roy and Dave continued to jam with Jake, our bassist. Before we knew it we had a huge pile of unfinished songs and the writing got even better. Then we struck on a track that was so good, it blew us away. It's titled "Bring Back The Snakes". So we've decided last minute to share the demo version of it with the public, and what better time than on St. Patrick's Day. So from today on through tomorrow morning the demo will be available for your listening pleasure.

Things have been going very well lately and we have begun taking the time before practice to sit down at a table and hold meetings similar to a company where we discuss the latest news, go over ideas and how they are coming and outline plans, all in the name of getting some things done. We have discussed the single Vinter's Død, and concluded it best to carry forward in completing it a.s.a.p. but not making it public till late spring. This will give time for the distributors to get the track and make it available through iTunes, Napster and all the rest.

We have also begun planning on a music video for Vinter's Død that we desperately want to release at the same time as the single. It's currently in the storyboard phase and far from becoming a reality. But if we're going to do it, we need to get started on it yesterday! The title means "Winter's Death" and in line with the lyrical content, this video needs to take place in the winter with snow on the ground. Well the snow is on the ground right now and with only 6 weeks left of winter, we'll have to plan it so we just focus on the shots that have snow for now, all the rest can be filmed shortly after with less rush. The video will be a concept video much like a micro-movie. All footage of the band will have to be filmed Late May/June due to Diana's pregnancy, so unfortunately no snow for us <:( But if we have all the rest of the video edited and just waiting for the band shots, a final product can be made a mere week after shooting.

But to accomplish any of this, we're in dire need of some help. We need volunteers and actors. We're going to have sets to build, props and clothing to make/buy/borrow and other positions. If interested shoot Roy an email. roy(at)13winters.com

Greetings everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday season. It's a new year so here's an update on what's been going on with the band. Diana and Roy are expecting another baby in April. Diana has been taking time relaxing and enjoying being a mom with just one kid while it last. Meanwhile Dave has taken on an actual day job instead of working evenings so his schedule has given him the much needed free time to get with Roy and work on material. Roy in his spare time has been renovating his house to get ready for the new family addition as well as upgrade his home studio to a more professional setting than the mess of a room he had before. He hopes to be able to upgrade his system with a new computer that will be eight times more powerful than the one he built in 2005. We've been auditioning new members and have a couple prospects. Time will tell if they are worthy assets to us.

As for the progress on a new release: One major thing is in the countless musical ideas Roy and Dave have come up with, they have finally achieved THE SOUND the band has been striving for since 2007. With this new style in mind, Dave and Roy have finished outlining an entire EP and sometimes get carried away with even more new tracks for a full length. Due to the style change mid-writing, some tracks on the roster do not resemble the others, but since the tracks are still very good, we are not going to scrap them. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done in bringing these tracks to completion. One track has made it to a near finish titled "Vinter's Dod". It merely requires the vocals to be re-recorded through the much improved microphones and sound space. Roy isn't happy with a few drum fills as well as a new idea for the ending so he wishes to re-record them from scratch. Dave is currently writing his solo. We have been discussing on releasing this track in the next couple months as a single to re-open interest in the band and break our four year stagnant run. We feel it would be a good way to show people we're not dead, only gestating into something bigger and better.

As for the whole EP, we don't want to set dates on one releasing anything any time soon but we desperately want to get something out THIS YEAR to mark 13 Winters' tenth year anniversary. .

We found the video tape from our interview on Portland Maine's WCYY. You can see it on our Official Youtube Channel.

Our personal lives have made it very difficult for us to work on the EP. Today however we did manage to work on Beyond MMXI, a redo of the 2004 track from Where The Souls Wander.

Given our current life situations, we regret to announce that we are no longer going to list any predicted dates for any new releases and for now, be considered on hiatus. We are continuing work on material but our progress is far too slow to keep our fans in waiting.

While we have not met our intended goal date for the EP's completion, we are still diligently working on it. So far the drums and bass are completed on all tracks. Two tracks have all orchestrations and keyboards completed and two tracks have the rhythm guitars completed. Arrangements are being made to also include a live track as well.

We are now posting all the photos of us that we can find in a new format on the photos page. You can now view our photos by year. We are still uploading them and there's a so it will be a while before all the pages get filled in. If you find an empty page, check back later.

Roy will begin laying drum tracks to the EP on May 23rd, leading the way for the rest of the instruments. The EP will not be able to be released by our goal date but we anticipate to have all the tracks recorded and mixed by then.

We will be playing a FREE benefit show on May 21st at the Westbrook American Legion, Westbrook Maine. 21+ bring at least 1 can to benefit the Stone Soup Food Pantry. Other bands playing are Uranium Sunrise & Caytu.

We have decided and begun work on a five song EP titled "Born Of Vinland". We have finally set the goal date of June 21st for a new release.


We know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted any news or updates. Rest assured we are still moving along though. We admire the bands who are able to produce an album regularly every couple years(some do it every year) but it’s tough. Between our jobs, home lives and having to basically start from scratch as a band dropped hill in our path that we had to climb. But in the time since our last release we have completely re-equipped ourselves in pro-gear, expanded Roy’s studio, and so far have outlined about seven songs.

Last week we came up with a set of riffs that flowed to well together we were in awe. It was one of those songs that writes itself and is so good it makes everything we had been working on look like crap, causing us to go back and reconsider all the previous material. While this does slow us down even more, it makes us realize a higher caliber of metal for us to obtain. In all honesty, this new album will be nothing like the 13 Winters you knew. We’ve matured in our writing, playing skills and our goal.

Currently we have begun discussing a four song single to release as not only a taste of what’s coming, but to also just get something released. Two to three of the songs will be from the new album and the remaining will only be available on the single. We’re going on four years now and in our eyes, that’s far too long to not put anything out.

Yesterday our website was attacked by a hacker who successfully installed a virus code all through it. Our host immediately shut down our site and our webmaster has since cleaned the site. It is currently back up and safe. Unfortunately, Google has now blocked our site until further review. Hopefully that will not take long and people will be able to follow us in the Google search results again. We apologize if anyone got infected with any viruses while visiting our website.

Roy has just acquired a new drum kit from our friends at The Drum Shop, Portland Maine's finest drum store. It's a Yamaha Stage Custom with blood red natural finish. This new kit sounds amazing and will vastly improve our studio recordings as well as live sound.

For those of you who have seen the video of Dave performing his Guitar Solo stunt on Youtube, we have just posted on our official channel Dave performing it live in front of an audience last August.

Official Youtube Channel


Today while we were working on Burn The World we inadvertainly came up with our 5th song. It has no title as of yet so we have temporarily named it 10-10-10 since it was written on that day. We have it outlined in its entirety. The album is now half laid out! At this rate we’ll have 8-10 songs by the end of December.

We have just laid the beginning foundation on song number 4, BURN THE WORLD! We finally accomplished the sound and style we've been striving to be this track. We're getting there!

Dave and Roy have just outlined yet another new song. It's still too new to be announcing a name for it, but we have one in mind. We hope to keep this momentum up.

Tonight we have almost completed writing a new song "Paranormal". We feel this song is a good representation of what the album will sound like. We will be finalizing the writing over the next week and hopefully begin recording a demo version of it very soon. Once we have a satisfactory demo version, we will release it to the fans.

We finally have the first song finalized and added to the roster for Burn The World. As to weather or not it will be the opening track is still being decided. Now that we have this track out of the way, we are free to move on to the next song we've been working on.


Diana’s maternity leave is officially over. Last night we had our first rehearsal as a full band in over 6 months and though rusty, it felt great to be playing again. Everyone’s spirits are high and to give us some push to shape up, we already have a date booked. August 7th will be our first show since November last year and we hope to be able to roll out at least one new song. It’s an all ages show and is way up in northern Maine where the people are hungry for metal. So for all you metal heads who live up that way get ready, we’re coming!

What is up with this spring so far. The metal world has lost yet another vocalist. First Peter Steele, now today Ronnie James Dio died and that totally sucks. Inventor of The Horns ..m/, he was one guy who never stopped bringing swords out on stage and it never became "un-cool" for him to do it. Why couldn't have been Gene Simmons who died instead?... oh, that's right. If he had he would have claimed to have invented death first. Well at least Dio isn't being buried in an officially liscenced Kiss Coffin.

At least he lived one hell of a life and layed down so much ground for bands and fans to follow for generations to come.

!!!!!! LONG LIVE DIO !!!!!

Yesterday, Diana gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. While she and Roy are adjusting to the new life change, Dave has been fine-tuning some riff ideas that should do the new album good justice. We expect to be getting back on the writing horse in the next couple weeks.

Dusk Adams


R.I.P. Peter Steele

Type O Negative was one of the biggest influences behind the creation of 13 Winters. Me and Mike we huge fans of them since 1994 when we discovered the Slow Deep And Hard album. Type O Negative was my first concert, an experience that has stayed with me my whole life. It was Type O Negative that introduced me to the word “Goth” even if I didn’t fully understand what that word meant at the time, it gave me something to identify my obsession with graves, black clothes and dead trees. Prior to being 13 Winters, Mike and I were “Autumnal Gray” which was taken from the track Suspended In Dusk. Later after Mike left I would take that name and rework it into “Autumnal Blood Moon” which it has remained as my solo project to this day.

Even though we’re no longer influenced by TON in our modern writing, it still has been our long time dream to share the stage with them. Alas this is a dream that will never come to pass now. We still want to be a part of Dark Valley’s intended tribute album to TON but legalities and dead ends have been holding that back.

It’s inevitable that all our heroes will someday die. It’s just that we don’t normally think much about the fact that most all the living legends today will die within our lifetime. And with them passes an entire generation as the fans too are getting up there in age. As Peter said himself “Everything dies”.

-Roy Linford Adams

-Roy Linford Adams

Videos from the creation, mixing and mastering are being posted now on our Youtube channel. These have been kicking around and it's long overdue for us to post them.

13 Winters Official YouTube Channel

We have just discovered we will soon become available to the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Thiland & Tiwan. We're also hoping to become available to Turkey and India in the future.

We figure it's time to give our fans a long overdue update on what's been going on. Diana and her baby are doing great. She's having a little girl due to be born towards the end of May. The band has been getting together but not as much as they would have liked to due to typical winter-life day job increases. The band has also used this time to fix/update gear. Diana's bass cabs have all new speakers, Roy has been upgrading his drums and Dave's been fine tuning his guitar tones. Currently the band has about five new songs outlined with one of them being recorded as a demo. They are trying to focus on what will be the title track to Burn The World, as to get at least a demo version of that put up on the net for the fans to get a sneak-peek into the future of 13 Winters. The band is aiming for a more aggressive feel to their music and lyrics that they never could have achieved before.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to all the fans who have stuck with the band through the last decade. And we hope to have a fresh new release to commemorate our up-coming ten year anniversary.

-13 Winters

Dark Palace just received its best review to date from Metalbite.com. It received a 9 out of 10. We would love to post all the details of how much they were very impressed, but it's best you just go and read it for yourself.

Read Review HERE

We just found out that Lolipop Magazine did in fact review our first album long ago. The review isn't just good, it's also got some funny stingers that make for a good short read.

Read Review HERE

We have just posted a new video for Horizon's End. It features footage from the movie Pathfinder, as the song was inspired by the movie. We are currently uploading an HD version onto our Youtube channel.

We have created an official Youtube channel. It houses the HD version of The Gift, as well as our other videos. Currently we are still uploading videos we feel will make good additions.


As you can see, the new website is up and running. The old website had been up for three years in anticipation of Dark Palace and after a year of supporting that release it's time to move on to the next, and this time we're not going to take half a decade making it.

Roy has been working hard on a new site for us with a whole new look. It's far more professional with graphics for Burn The World. It should be set to launch in just a couple days.

We want to thank everyone who came out to yesterday's show in Portland. It was absolutely the best crowd we've ever had in Maine. Over the years we had grown discouraged with the waning crowds at local shows and this show lightened our spirits and renewed a lot of our faith in the scene.

As of now we officially start a winter hiatus to work solely on writing the third album. It will feel good to have modern material written by the three of us, as solid group collaboration instead of being written by 100 different people. What is uncertain in our future though is when Diana and Roy's baby is born, where are we going to rehearse? We have a whole winter to figure this out so by the time comes, an answer will arise.

We have just posted pictures on our Myspace from tonight's Slave To The Metal Fest in Portland Maine.

Myspace Link

Today we started working on the re-write of our old song, Dark Embrace. We're taking what we felt was our best, and most under performed, song and making heavier and more brutal. It will be included on the new album under the title "Darker Embrace".

We have added a new show, which will probably be our last live date for 2009 before Diana takes her maturnity leave. It's the Slave To The Metal Tour at The Big Easy in Portland Maine on November 7th.

We have just learned that Dark palace has reached #21 in the Bull Moose Music chart. Due to Dark Valley Record's recent aggressive sales tactics, we've outsold Eminem.

We can only assume that this means we'll be #1 this week in the Portland Phoenix local charts.

Diana and Roy have just found out that they are going to be having a baby and are very joyous. We hope to use this time wisely to work on the new album through the next 9 months. But this also is cause to book some live dates for the next couple months before Diana begins to show.

We have already taken the inlay photos for the new album, so those are out of the way.

The title and cover art for the next album has been decided. It's going to be titled "Burn The World".

A release date will not be set yet but should be by mid-2010.

The entire episode of Witching Hour TV featuring us is now up on Youtube.

Witching Hour INterview On Youtube

Since youtube only allowed 10 minutes maximum, the episode has been cut into 6 parts.