13 Winters

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Forged in the black woods of southern Maine at the turn of the century, 13 WINTERS released their first demo titled "Dark Embrace" in 2001. The line-up was Die Winters(Vocals), Dan Eaton(Guitar, backing vocals), Pat Flaherty(Bass), Roy Addams(Keys, Violin, Backing Vocals) and Mike Web(Drums). Printed on black CDRs, it was given away to anyone the band members met online who willing to pay $1 for shipping. Close to 3,000 copies were distributed and the demo was very well received. Soon after their guitarist Dan Eaton left the band due to distance issues. This was the start of a long problem of line-up changes that was to haunt the band for the next seven years.

In 2004 Pat too had left the band to join Hollow Image. Not too long after 13 WINTERS released their first full length album "Where The Souls Wander". The album was completely self produced and released through the indi-label Dark Valley Records. Sadly the band held far too much faith in the metal world's ability to accept music that didn't have big price tag production and the album failed. Reviewed as "An overpriced drink coaster", It was a hard lesson learned but 13 WINTERS wasn't going to quit.

In 2006 the live album "Down Below Zero" was released. Due to the constant coming and going of members, writing was slow and daunting. Time was passing too quick and no new material had been released so 13 WINTERS' manager made a recording of one of their shows and against the band's approval, released it without any editing. But this did prove to be a good marketing point and did well with the band's current fan base.

In 2007 13 WINTERS realized they needed to clean up their act so they dumped their stage names and everyone involved in the band except the original three founding members(Diana, Roy and Mike). The band Made Diana the bassist to eliminate that position permanently. It was at this time they recruited the most skilled guitarist in the region, Dave Martin. The line-up was much stronger now and the band began focusing on their music working hard to improve anything they knew needed it.

In October 2008, 13 WINTERS released their second full length album "Dark Palace Of Waterfalls", again through Dark Valley Records. With the help of Grammy award winner Jay Frigoletto(X-Men 2 Soundtrack, Damage Plan, Kittie, Shadows Fall) mixing and the 22-piece Unus Vir Symphony Orchestra, the album has become a fast growing comeback release for the band. So far it has only received one bad review by a man who admitted he didn't bother listening to it. While the band knows there was still room for improvement on the album, they know they've given the metal world a great work of art and that they did so on their own with a modest budget. In early 2009, they let go of Mike due to persisting issues and Roy jump behind the kit, ending their long streak of line-up changes.

It wasn't long after that Diana and Roy decided it was time to start a family if they were to ever have one and for a time the band was put on the back burner of everyone's lives. This allowed Roy to work on his drumming skills as well as for the two of them to adjust to new additions to their family. Dave also started a massive home renovation project that was going to require much of his attention, time and money. Roy took advantage of the slow activity of the band and started playing with another band on the side for fun. Eventually Roy left that band as did three other members. The bassist of that band Jake Bacwar, began jamming with Roy and Dave during this time. The lack of progress did begin to wear down on Roy and in 2011 he posted a formal announcement on the website that he was leaving. After about five months Dave, Jake and Diana began talking and pressed Roy into coming back.

In 2013 the band has just past their 10 year anniversary. 13 WINTERS released the video single "Dead Giveaway" after the Charles Ramsey interview video went viral, garnering upwards of 50K views on youtube within two weeks.

In 2014 in celebration of their 13th year 13 WINTERS became the first band ever to hold a world premier for a music video in a major theater. "Bring Back The Snakes" was the result of six grueling months of hard work, all this while Diana was pregnant with her third child. The production was done in co-op with the fledgling film company Claw4 Films and received high acclaim from both the public and local press. This was a major crowning achievement for 13 WINTERS and an all-time new highlight of their career.