13 Winters

Roy Linford Adams

Instruments: Drums, Orchestrations

One of the founding members, Roy switched in November 2008 from Keyboard/Violin to Drums. His background is already strong with various instruments he has mastered over time. Getting his start on Piano in 1982 at age 6, he later took on Guitar at age 15 when his taste grew towards heavier music. At 17 he started playing Bass out of neccesity. (Maine has a severe shortage of bassist) In 1997 he returned to Piano in the form of keyboards and for the next two years, played Bass and Keys at the same time. It was at this time he began vocals, which he has become very accomplished with since. In 2000 he picked up the Violin. Years later he took on the rest of the orchestral string section and now has a repertoire that includes Cello and Viola.

In 2014 due to suffering acute carpal tunnel in both wrist he developed the "Adams Blast" drum technique.

Although he doesn't like boasting, he does see himself as a master musician because of his multi-talented versatility.

"There's always someone who can beat you on your instrument. But I get to say to them 'I can waste you with the rest of mine'" -Roy