13 Winters

Jake Becwar

Instruments: Bass

Jake Becwar was born and raised in the hellish heat of Tucson Arizona. In 1998 he found himself living in the most brutal, coldest state in the continetal USA... Maine, where he began to pursure his intrest in music in high school. He started his instrument playing on violin claiming "No instrument can sound so beautiful yet so eerie as a violin". As time pasted he tried out other string instuments and percussion but after feeling the vibrations of a String Bass through his rib cage and skull, he never looked back.

"It's like having the God of Thunder spewing from your finger tips."

Jake played in a few local bands for several years before taking time to start a family, never forgetting his passion for music and the Bass Guitar. Sometime in 2010-11 Jake was approached by Roy to play bass for his band, to push his skills to were Jake never thought possible...

...and the rest is history in the making.