13 Winters

Diana Adams

Instruments: Vocals, (Former Bass)

Making her start in 1996 with her solo project, Fragile Frost, Diana was influenced by a male dominated music world and did what she had only known, harsh growls. In 2001, she and Roy Adams started the long successful dark metal band, 13 Winters. It was here were she honed her vocal skills to become more diverse and refined. In late 2007, after dealing with continuous bassist issues, she was given the bass and had been charged with the task of both singing and playing at the same time. She did this successfully for well over two years until the band took on Jake Becwar to free Diana up and let her just focus on being a vocalist and full-time mother. With well over a decade of vocals under her belt she is most often credited as a better growler than a lot of her male counterparts.